28 Amazing Country Wedding Ideas on a Budget

With the average wedding cost in the USA at over $30,000, more and more people are looking for ways to save on their special day and still have a beautiful and unforgettable wedding. There are some people who have convinced themselves that they have to drop thousands to get their dream wedding, but that just isn't true. Country themed weddings are all about simplicity and nature, and if you make the right choices you can have the country wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. Check out these ideas for inexpensive and beautiful weddings.

1. Invite only your closest friends and family to your ceremony. This will make your ceremony more intimate and will save you money on chairs and space.

2. Decorate your chairs with natural elements. Use hand picked flowers, small twigs and leaves wrapped in tulle to decorate the ends of the aisles. This will give the chairs a fresh, earthy look. Your ceremony will also be remembered for its uniqueness if the decorations don’t match exactly.

3. Reserve a rose garden in a public park. Some rose gardens are enclosed by fences and can be reserved for a small fee. If you reserve during the height of the blooming season, you won’t need to do extra decorating.

4. Utilize free outdoor spaces. If you know someone with a large backyard or outdoor space you could have your dream country-themed wedding venue for FREE.

5. Have an ordained friend perform the ceremony. If you choose not to get married in a church, you can skip the cost of a wedding officiant by having an ordained friend marry you for free.

6. Buy a white dress that isn’t necessarily a “wedding dress,” or buy a used dress. Some brides have saved hundreds, if not thousands, by purchasing prom or bridesmaids’ dresses instead of wedding dresses. You can also go totally unique by purchasing an off-white casual dress.

7. Skip the tuxedos and suits. Super fancy won’t mesh with your country theme. Have your groomsmen wear close-to-matching jeans and brown/tan suit vests over button-up shirts. This will be a huge money saver!

8. Have a friend do the wedding party’s hair and makeup. This will save you tons of money and time, especially if you can do it at the venue right before the ceremony.

9. Use fake flowers or alternative items. Real flowers, unless handpicked, can cost a lot of money. Use inexpensive, beautiful flowers or something unique like wheat or wild flowers that you can pick the day of the ceremony.

10. Borrow jewelry or keep it simple. Reuse your mom’s jewelry from her wedding, use jewelry you already own, or buy inexpensive jewelry. Your country theme will be focused on simplicity, so you can skip the jewelry altogether if you desire. Bonus: Make a crown circlet with long twigs and wildflowers!

11. Have your wedding party buy their own outfits within the theme/color scheme. Tell your bridesmaids/groomsmen the color you want them to wear (and length/style of dress) and have them shop for their own. You will be amazed at what they come up with!

12. Have the reception in the same location as the ceremony. You won’t have to rent two venues this way, and your guests won’t have to travel as far. If you marry in a rose garden, you can have the reception in the park. Most parks have covered picnic areas that you can reserve for a small fee, and you can decorate it any way you want! If you go with the backyard wedding idea you’ll be set for the whole shindig!

13. Dress up your table with inexpensive tablecloths and homemade table runners. Polyester tablecloths are inexpensive and still look nice, especially when topped by handmade centerpieces. If you have a crafty friend or family member, you can ask them to make custom table runners to add depth and interest to your table (think burlap!).

14. Make your own table centerpieces with materials from the dollar store and your own backyard. You can buy short candelabras for candles or glass bowls that you can fill with colored water and floating candles. Use a single flower in a small vase wrapped in ribbon, or gather a bunch of wildflowers, leaves, etc. and arrange naturally in a vase.

15. Use cloth napkins with inexpensive napkin rings. In keeping with your country theme, have your crafty friend(s) make napkin rings with burlap and pins.

16. Indoor venues, decorate with string lights and homemade pomanders. You can purchase long strands of regular string lights for a small price. Homemade pomanders are inexpensive to make and can be incorporated with the string lights to make beautiful, inexpensive decor. Another neat thing about pomanders is that you can make them in any color to match your theme.

17. Make a cupcake tower in place of a cake. Professional wedding cakes are expensive. If you can make your own professional-looking cupcakes, or if you have a friend who can, you can save money and your guests can easily grab their dessert. Tip: make extra cupcakes to fill spaces in your tower as people start to eat.

18. Make apple pies instead of a cake. What says country better than homemade apple pie?

19. Present your food in a unique way. For a country theme wedding, you might try a potluck! If you’re having a backyard wedding, your guests can leave their country dishes inside until the reception. Tip: This works best if you request specific dishes from your guests.

20. Have a friend cater your wedding. Some friends will cater for free if you purchase all the food, but even if they don’t, they will charge less than a professional catering company.

21. Skip dinner and serve finger foods. Make some simple, inexpensive finger foods and lay them out on a long table, or have a couple of volunteers walk around the room with trays, offering food to your guests.

22. If providing alcohol, provide one type of cocktail and/or beer, instead of an open bar. You will not only save money, but you’ll avoid any awkward moments with rowdy, drunk guests.

23. BYOB. Have guests bring their own beverages!

24. Have a friend DJ or play guitar and sing. Choose a playlist and have a friend shuffle through the songs. Or if you have a musically talented friend, ask them to perform for your wedding. Having a live guitar player-singer will help bring your country theme to life.

25. Design your invitations yourself and have them printed at a local print/copy store. Nowadays, there are tons of computer programs that you can use to design professional-looking invitations for free (or really cheap!). Local print shops have tons of paper style options, and are definitely a cheap alternative for printing. You’ll also be supporting a local business, which is awesome! Another idea is to pay someone to design your invitations (there are people on Etsy who will do this inexpensively), get a digital copy, and print at the local print shop.

26. Get married on a weekday. Venues can be rented for a much lower price on less popular days of the week.

27. Pick a date in the off-season. The most popular months for weddings are June and October. January, February, and March are the least popular, so wedding venues would be cheaper. This cuts out your options for an outdoor wedding, but may still be a cheaper, better option. Hint: Have your outdoor wedding in late September or early November to get that country/fall setting.

28. Ask a creative friend to be the photographer. In the age of Instagram, it’s pretty easy to find someone among your friends with camera skills who will photograph your wedding for little to no cost.