Silicone Rings

If you're looking for a great deal on the best men's silicone wedding rings you will find, you've come to the right place at just the right time!

Our men's silicone wedding rings are Guaranteed For Life! If you break it, scratch it, stretch it or even if you lose it, we'll replace your silicone wedding ring for free - no questions asked!

We've got some great designs made for real mean who want a real man's ring. Check them out, below, and be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page to learn more about why silicone wedding rings have become so popular.

Why Silicone Wedding Rings Are The Best Choice For Active Men

There's a reason so many men refuse to wear a wedding ring. No, they aren't still trying to look "available" to all the single chicks out there. Wearing a wedding ring can be very unsafe for men who have an active lifestyle or a job that could be dangerous if they wore a traditional metal wedding ring.

Men's Silicone Wedding Rings Are More Safe 

Anyone who works around electricity will tell you that wearing a metal ring is a definite no-no. The last thing you want is an ultra conductive piece of metal on your body at times of electrical arcs or shocks. A silicone wedding ring is non-conductive, meaning it is a much safer ring to wear around electric currents.

Metal rings have also been known to get caught in moving parts, literally ripping the finger off of anyone wearing them. Silicone rings are designed to tear away from your finger if they are caught in mechanical equipment. I think we all would feel better about losing a ring than an entire finger! Of course, even that is not a problem with our Lifetime Guarantee. We'll replace your ring if it is damaged, lost or even stolen - no questions asked!

Men's Silicone Wedding Rings Are Durable

If you're rough on rings - maybe because you are a mechanic or construction worker or you're a mountain climber. you lift weights or you're a biker, you know that an active lifestyle means a ring with lots of dings and scratches. While that me be true of a metal ring, silicone is a very durable material. It is next to impossible to scratch or dent a silicone ring.

A Silicone Wedding Ring Is Impossible To Lose

Too often, we've heard stories about someone taking off their wedding ring and either losing it or having it stolen. That will never happen again if you wear a silicone wedding ring. You can't lose what you never have to remove!

Silicone Rings Don't Cost Much

The cost of a silicone ring is nothing compared to a traditional gold wedding ring. Because of that, many men like to buy several so that they can swap them out when wearing different clothes or taking part in different activities. Buy one for hunting, one for fishing, one for hiking or riding your ATV and one as your everyday silicone ring!