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Kings Woodland Camo Wedding Ring with Polished Finish 5mm

Kings Woodland Camo Wedding Ring with Polished Finish 5mm

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  • Color:Gold
  • Metal:14K Yellow Gold
  • Brand:KingCamo

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Smooth domed yellow gold embraces a camo inlay in this 8mm wide wedding band. The camo inlay is 5mm thick and displays what we call the "King's Woodland Camo." It hints at the essence of a deciduous forest by showing bark, branches, and leaves in several earthly tones from brown and gray, to black and reddish hues. The appeal is undeniably natural-looking and classy in an outdoorsman kind of way.

Did your love grow out a shared interest in the forest and hunting? If so, this ring is an especially apt celebration of your relationship and wedding. You want to have a marriage that is as vibrantly natural and rich as this ring, and having this wedding band on your finger will be a constant reminder of what you're trying to build together and a visual symbol for the whole world to observe. Since it's made of only the highest quality of materials, it's a great reminder to constantly build your marriage out of the best symbolic materials as well, like daily affection, forgiveness, and personal sacrifice.

All of these things and many more will be very important to a successful marriage, and we're so happy to be part of something so amazing in our own small way. We try to help out by offering you the lowest price that we can for this ring, and that is guaranteed by our lowest price guarantee. Another guarantee we have is that we will protect your personal information and never share it. And we also guarantee that you will receive excellent customer service from our awesome customer service team. They will get back to you personally if you just let us know what your questions are through live chat messaging, phone call, or email.

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