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Kings Woodland Camo Wedding Ring with Polished Finish 10mm

Kings Woodland Camo Wedding Ring with Polished Finish 10mm

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  • Color:Silver
  • Metal:Cobalt
  • Brand:KingCamo

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If all manly wedding bands had a bigger, meaner older brother, and if that brother had an absolutely impeccable sense of style, this wedding band would have to be it. This baby is 10mm wide with a flat design that is covered in an 8mm wide inlay of our awesome "King's Wood" camo pattern. That pattern is like a patch of deciduous forest transported right onto your finger with rich hues of organic color in a display of bark, branches, and fallen leaves. Everyone who sees this ring on your finger will know without a doubt that you are a wilderness man.

You love getting out there in your hunting camo and feeling the dirt under your boots. You love to smell the trees and flowers and hear the little birds and squirrels making their racket. Your future spouse understands these things about you and no doubt wants you to have a wedding band that shows everyone who you are. Of course, it does more than that! It shows the world without any doubt that you are married, that your life is committed to someone else's. And how better to do that than with a symbol of nature and strength? Cobalt chrome is a very strong metal, after all.

Even if you went out of your way to damage it, you probably wouldn't be able to. It can't be chipped, dented, or bent. Forget trying to scratch it, since you're not going to be able to do that either. As a material to make a wedding band out of, it's a beautiful symbol, isn't it? That kind of indestructible quality is exactly what you want in your own marriage. Let life try to damage your marriage! It's not happening!

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