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Kings Snow Camo Wedding Ring with Polished Finish

Kings Snow Camo Wedding Ring with Polished Finish

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Part Number:Z8D15/KINGSSNOW
  • Color:Black
  • Metal:Zirconium
  • Brand:KingCamo

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Zirconium is a white-gray metal that is heated to be formed into the shape of a wedding band. As it cools it oxidizes, turning it the black color you see on the outside. We love how it looks in a domed profile ring, especially with this camo inlay. We call it the "King's Snow" because the white, gray, and dark pink whorls look kind of like blowing snow or in the inside of a cloud. If you've ever gone hunting in those kinds of conditions, you know how beautiful it can be but also how difficult and thrilling.

You must have a certain quality of hardiness to brave such conditions and come back home safe and sound. What a wonderful symbol for a marriage! Since so many storms will surely come your way during your married life, you will need to be hardy and brave enough to withstand just like you do while hunting in a snowstorm. And naturally you want to have a wedding band that's not going to break or become damaged easily, another symbol of how you want your relationship with your spouse to be. This domed profile band is 8mm wide and its inlay is 5mm wide.

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