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Kings Field Camo Wedding Ring with Polished Finish

Kings Field Camo Wedding Ring with Polished Finish

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  • Color:Black
  • Metal:Zirconium
  • Brand:KingCamo

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When do you feel the most free? Is it in your hunting camo crossing the fields in search of prey? Or is it when you're spending time with your lover? Or is it actually both? Are the fields something the two of you share? That would make this the most perfect wedding band you could possibly find. Its broad "King's Field" inlay is colored in the organic browns and yellows of field plants, and it reminds you of how it really feels to be in a field on the hunt. The inlay is fitted to a black zirconium band that is flat in profile with a snazzy step edge.

At 8mm wide, it's a broad and noticeable ring that looks so natural up against skin that it doesn't draw too much attention to itself. It manages to look extremely classy even while calling upon natural beauty. Perhaps it is the unique combining of the manmade craft with the raw beauty of nature that makes this ring really stand out. And what a great symbol it is of marriage. Isn't marriage the drawing together of two distinct lives and then putting them together to make something new and beautiful? We're so glad to be able to be a small part of that melding. Every time one of our wedding bands becomes part of a couple's story, we're so thrilled.

We can't be there to celebrate with you in person, but we do try to make some things easier for you when you shop with us. For one thing, our lowest price guarantee sees to it that you will get this ring for the lowest possible price. Another thing we do for you is protect your personal information. Just a couple of little gifts to make this time in your life a little less stressful.

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