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Kings Desert Camo Wedding Ring with Polished Finish 8mm

Kings Desert Camo Wedding Ring with Polished Finish 8mm

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Part Number:8B15(NS)/KINGSDESERT
  • Color:Silver
  • Metal:Titanium
  • Brand:KingCamo

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So you're looking for a wedding band for a woman who loves camo? She's the kind of woman that embraces nature, that loves being outside, that admits openly that she loves hunting. She loves wearing camo because it shows the world something about who she is and what she loves. Of course, what she really loves most is you, right? Her wedding band needs to be perfect since it's coming from you, and it will be the symbol of your marriage and your life together.

Why not give her this lovely titanium dream of a wedding band? Its 8mm wide band is beveled at the edges for a rounded effect, and it is inlaid with a brown and pink layer of camo. We call it "King's Desert" since it looks a little like blooming desert wildflowers. Just as you hope your love will bloom and thrive no matter what trials come into your marriage, you want to show that your love is as hardy and yet as lovely as a desert blossom, since nothing but the strongest of plants can thrive in the desert. As a symbol for an upcoming marriage, it's hard to find a sweeter or more apt concept.

We want to help you make your wedding wonderful by making our wedding bands available to you at our guaranteed lowest prices. You will not find this camo wedding band available anywhere else for a lower price, and if you actually do, we will match the price. If you would to look over our Buyers Guide, please go here or check out our FAQ page here. And please don't hesitate to contact us if you have more questions or concerns. Just email us, call us, or send us a live chat message.

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