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Camo Wedding Ring FAQs

Question: "How do I figure out the right ring size without asking?"

Answer: Aah, this is the ultimate question! There are a few different things you can try in order to avoid asking The One what their ring size is.

Option 1: Ask the Best Friend!

Option 2: "Borrow" a ring to take to any jeweler. Make sure it's one they wear on their ring finger... and be quick! You don't want to find yourself scrambling for a reason why you're wandering around with said borrowed ring.

Option 3: If you'd rather not take a borrowed ring and risk being caught red handed, size it to one of your own fingers.

You can do this by putting the ring on and then use a pen / marker to mark the place where the ring fits snugly but comfortably on your finger.

If their ring is too big for this trick to work, grab a piece of paper and trace the INSIDE of the ring with a pencil (you don't want to leave marks) as close to the inner edge as you can.

Any jeweler will be able to give you a very good estimate of the ring size based on either of these methods. When in doubt, choose a slightly larger size to ensure that you can slide it on their finger when you pop the question! Sizing / adjustments can be done later.

Question: "How much do I spend on The Ring?"

moneybag-digital-camo.pngAnswer: Another very popular question that we hear often at Camo Rings Direct! The most important thing is that you choose a ring you think they'll love - without going into debt. After all, having a huge payment every month isn't very fun for anyone.

(Just so you know, the "X Months Salary" thing was created by advertisers. Don't fall for it!)

Find a ring that represents who the love of your life is to you and who you are together. We promise that if you pick a ring based on this it won't matter what the price tag is.

Question: "What if they hate the ring I pick?"

Answer: This is a tricky one. Especially because every answer is definitely case-by-case.

Here's our advice to simply try and avoid the whole situation all together.

Option 1: Ask the Best Friend! Chances are that the love of your life and the best friend have definitely talked about jewelry. Even if they haven't talked about rings specifically, the Best Friend probably has a pretty good idea of at least the right style.

Option 2: If you haven't already, take the time to go over the jewelry they already own. Especially the pieces that they wear regularly. After all, most of a person's jewelry - the things they wear often - are pieces that they selected themselves!

Option 3: Purchase placeholder ring to pop the question with. Then, either before or after you present the placeholder ring, explain that the ring you present them now is a symbol and not the 'real deal'.

Example: "This ring is a symbol of my love but not the ring I want you to wear forever. I want us to choose our wedding rings together. I don't want our rings to just be jewelry. I want them to represent who we are together. I thought that, this way, our wedding rings are a reminder that we do all things, make all decisions, together. Always."

Have a day planned out so you can go to lunch at your favorite restaurant or do some other things that you love doing together before you look for rings. Yes, even if you're looking online! Make the DAY special, because it IS special!

Question: "How can I make a romantic proposal if I'm not actually a romantic?"

camo-arrowheart.pngAnswer: If you've reached the point in your relationship where you're ready to pop the question, your love is already aware, and has accepted, that romance might not be your forte. So, try not to stress too much!

The best advice that we can give for the "non-romantic" is to keep it simple. After all, the most romantic proposals of all time were not technically romantic.

A Walk to Remember: Proposes at night, while they're in pajamas looking at the stars by simply asking: "Will you marry me?".

The Notebook: Purposes by stating: "I want you. I want all of you, forever. You and me, every day." Technically didn't even ask the question!

Wedding Crashers: No actual romance at all but the "I want to take our relationship to the next level...[funny conversation] in an engagement." is perfect for this crazy couple.

Knocked Up: The proposal is made with an empty box and a sincere promise. Granted, it is a comedy and the proposal itself wasn't accepted at the time, but it is a movie after all... and what person didn't go "AWWWWWWWWW" when he popped the question?! Even the best friend said "AWW!"

If the moment finally comes and you can't remember anything that you'd planned, always go with the tried and true. Drop down on one knee, look up at the love of your life, and just say two words: "Marry me?"

Question: "I want a special ring, something unique, what do you suggest?"

Answer: We suggest CAMO, of course! Truly, though, pick a ring you'll both love and that represents who you are as a couple.

The best way to make a ring truly unique and special is to customize the little details. Rather than a white gem (traditional), go with a colored gem! There really isn't a color that you can't find a gemstone in and you should be able to take your ring to any jeweler - even if it isn't the jeweler you purchased the ring from! - and they will be able to re-set the stone with any you choose.

/mossy-oaks-camo-engagement-w/-1-ctw moce-with-green-stone.png moce-with-pink-stone.png

By simply changing the color of the stone you can alter the entire look and feel of a ring!

Ideas for how to pick a stone color:


There are many alternative, and less expensive, stones that have similar to identical colors as traditional Birthstones.

"Pure" Topaz is naturally white (like a diamond) but comes in just about every color you could possibly imagine. It's also one of the most affordable gemstones and is very durable. Topaz is scored as an 8 on the Mohs Scale; Diamonds are a 10.

This makes Topaz a fantastic choice for those who need their sparkles to be as tough as they care colorful!

We've notated the Mohs Scale Rating (#) next to each gem. The Mohs Scale is a measure of hardness (scratch resistance) and is scaled from softest to hardest on a scale of 1 to 10.

Please Remember: Even a perfect, flawless diamond can be chipped, cracked, or even shattered if struck against a hard surface such as a rock or counter.

Everyday objects with approximate Mohs Scale Rating:

- A Fingernail (2)

- Copper penny (3)

- Knife blade (5)

- Window glass (5.5)

- Steel file (6.5)

- January: Garnet - dark red. (6.5 - 7)

- February: Amethyst - purple. (7)

- March: Aquamarine - light blue. (7.5 - 8)

- April: Diamond - white. (10)

- May: Emerald - dark green. (7.5 - 8)

- June: Pearl - yes, pearls are technically gems! (VERY FRAGILE: 2.5 - 4.5)

- July: Ruby - bright red. (9)

- August: Peridot - light green. (6.5 - 7)

- September: Sapphire - dark blue. (9)

- October: Opal - yes, opals are technically gems! (5.5 - 6.5)

- November: Topaz - pale yellow to dark gold. (8)

- December: Tanzanite - dark blue. (6.5 - 7)

Your love's favorite color is always a surefire way to make The Ring personalized.

Use the stone that represents the month you first met / started dating / proposed / will be married. We recommend making sure that the color of your event month is one that your love will appreciate, though!

If you met in September, choose a Sapphire or dark blue stone.

If you're getting married in May, choose an Emerald of green stone.

Question: "Does a 'set' mean I have to buy them together / that they have to match?"

Answer: Absolutely not! A "set" just means that you're getting either a band for each individual or an engagement ring and wedding band together. You can mix and match any rings or bands to make your own custom set.

Also, there's nothing wrong with mixing a "traditional" ring with a "unique" one. It's very popular to pair an heirloom engagement ring / band with a modern wedding ring / band.

Question: "Where can I find the best selection of camo rings for sale?"

Answer: That's simple! Camo Rings Direct has one of the greatest selection of speciality camo bands, camo engagement rings, and camo wedding rings around. Take a look at our entire inventory to see for yourself.