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Buyer's Guide

The Ultimate Camo Ring Buyer's Guide

"I love being married. It's so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life." -- Rita Rudner

The time has finally come and you need a ring. Well, that's not entirely true. You don't need a ring. You need The Ring.

There are literally thousands of styles, designs, and kinds of rings to choose from. Maybe even millions if you want to count all of the individual features you can change! Okay, okay, we're sorry, we didn't mean to make this more stressful! In fact, at Camo Rings Direct, we are determined to make finding the perfect ring a piece of cake. See what we did there? Cake. Wedding. Anyway, moving on!

So, how do you find The Ring? How do you find one single, individual, rather small, piece of jewelry that encompasses EVERYTHING you love and cherish about this person that you want to spend the rest of your life with?

We're going to keep this as simple and straightforward as possible. To do that, we're going to skip the wedding blog hyperbole. Mostly, this is because we assume you've already done that portion of your research... which is why you've moved on to the "Find the Ring" stage -- as was suggested by those wedding blogs!

Camo Rings Direct Presents: Find The Ring in Five Easy Steps

Step One: Pick Your Band COLOR

In our opinion, this is the most important decision you can make when choosing an engagement or wedding ring. Yes, even more important than design or sparkly stones or any other physical property of a ring.

Why? By choosing your band color first, it's quite possible to eliminate a huge percentage of irrelevant rings in the very first round.

How? Once you know what color you want The Ring to be, you will have a much better idea of what type of material The Ring can be made out of. Once you know what type of material The Ring can be made out of, you will have a much better idea of what styles are available for that metal. And so on, and so forth. Don't worry, we'll get to the "so on, so forth" details later on in the Buyer's Guide!

BLACK: Titanium Zirconium Cobalt Ceramic WHITE: Cobalt Titanium Tungsten GREY: Titanium

For those who are curious, the difference between "white" and "grey" can be both subtle and extreme. For simplicities sake, a "white" metal is more silver in color and a "grey" metal is more pewter in color.

We're sure you noticed that there are a number of popular metal and color options that aren't listed. This was a deliberate part of our "skip the wedding blog hyperbole" promise from earlier. The listed metals and colors above are the options currently carried by Camo Rings Direct. Don't fret, though, if it's color you want we DEFINITELY have color. After all, camo is not limited to just limited to black, white, and grey, is it? Keep Reading!

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Step Two: Pick your Band MATERIAL

Here's the quick and dirty (but shiny!) on your material options.


Our Ceramic bands are all a rich, glossy black. Ceramic, contrary to what you may be thinking, is actually one of the most durable materials around. In fact, Ceramic is right up there on the durability scale with Tungsten! Ceramic bands are more lightweight than Tungsten. Conveniently, black Ceramic is black throughout; NOT coated. This means your black Ceramic band will never fade or discolor.

/blaze-orange-forest-camoOther Ceramic Perks:

-- Scratch resistant.

-- Tarnish resistant.

-- Weather resistant.

-- Hypoallergenic.

-- Non-conductive.

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Our Cobalt bands come in both black and white styles. Cobalt is naturally an impressive bright white metal closest to Platinum in coloration. Cobalt has similar properties compared to Titanium and Tungsten with a weight nearer to Tungsten. Cobalt has a long history of being coveted by mankind for its amazing color. In fact, Cobalt has been mined since around 3000 BCE and was used as a coloring agent up until the 20th century!

/pink-sapphire-break-up-mossy-oaks-ringOther Cobalt Perks:

-- Scratch resistant.

-- Tarnish resistant.

-- Weather resistant.

-- Hypoallergenic.

-- Resizable.

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Our Titanium bands are available in white, grey, and black styles. Titanium is naturally a white-grey metal. Titanium is one of the most durable, lightweight metals in use today. By "in use" we mean in jewelry (ie: bands), in aerospace (ie: the SR-71 "Blackbird"), in medicine (ie: surgical implants), in technology (ie: PowerBooks by Apple), in architecture (ie: 9-11 Memorial Monument), and in sports (ie: golf club heads). Needless to say, a Titanium band is very durable despite its ultra light weight.

/black-camo-realtree-titanium-bandOther Titanium Perks:

-- Scratch resistant.

-- Tarnish resistant.

-- Weather resistant.

-- Hypoallergenic.

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Our Tungsten bands are offered exclusively in white styles. Tungsten is one of the most durable materials known to man. Tungsten also has the highest melting point of all metals, making it a favorite for arc-welding and other high-temperature applications. It's hard to really say anything else about Tungsten when you start off with those statements but we'll do our best. Tungsten is 10x harder than 18k gold and is very nearly the same regal weight as Platinum.

Other Tungsten Perks:

-- Scratch resistant.

-- Tarnish resistant.

-- Weather resistant.

-- Hypoallergenic.

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Our Zirconium bands are all a deep, glossy black. Zirconium is a grey-white metal that is heat treated and oxidized to achieve a black Zirconium Oxide shell that can be polished to an ultra glossy shine. Zirconium Oxide is commonly used to coat other metals to achieve a similar black finish! Zirconium burns just as bright as Magnesium and is a favorite element for pyrotechnics -- including fireworks! Don't worry, though, Zirconium is non-toxic and so chemically stable and durable that it's used to build nuclear reactors. Zirconium is all about unique!

Other Zirconium Perks:

-- Scratch resistant.

-- Tarnish resistant.

-- Weather resistant.

-- Hypoallergenic.

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Step Three: Pick your Band DESIGN

Now, this is where you get to pick your COLORS. Thank you so much for your patience, we promise you won't be disappointed by our selection! (We forgive you if you skipped to this step).

Camo Rings Direct is very proud of the vast array of designs we offer, including iconic camo patterns designed by leading industry giants such as Mossy Oak and RealTree!

Our design colors range from soft rose to bold crimson. From mossy green to deep emerald. From bright white to true black. Even a sprinkling of royal purple can be found here! There are so many designs and each is genuinely unique. All Camo Ring Direct rings are made to order and the pattern for each ring is taken from a different section of the overall camo design. This means that, unlike other bands you might look at, each of our rings is literally one of a kind!

These are just a few of the designs that you'll find at Camo Rings Direct:

/shadow-grass-camo-ring /pink-brush-camo-ring /deer-tracks-buck-hunters-titanium-wedding-ring /black-zirconium-original-bottomland-camo-ring
/black-ap-realtree-camo-wedding-band /ap-snow-white-titanium-camo-band /7mm-purple-realtree-camo-titanium-wedding-band.jpg /7mm-orange-realtree-camo-wedding-band.jpg

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Step Four: Pick your Band WIDTH

There are a few things to keep in mind when you're deciding on the width of a band.

First: Hand size.

Smaller hands tend to appreciate a more narrow band while larger hands tend to appreciate a wider band. This preference usually stems from aesthetics and functionality equally.

Smaller hands can sometimes be overpowered by a band that is too wide. This can create the illusion of a more stocky hand and it can also be uncomfortable if the band makes it difficult for fingers to bend and flex.

Larger hands can sometimes overpower a band by being too narrow. This can create the illusion of the band being disproportionate to the hand in the same way pants that are too short look disproportionate to the legs.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that this is SOMETIMES the case and you should always select the band side for The Ring based on the preference of The One who's going to be wearing it!

In General:

Females, on average, tend to choose rings between 4mm and 6mm.

Males, on average, tend to choose rings between 6mm and 8mm.

Remember that if The Ring has stones, the band may need to be wider in order to support the stone depending on its TCW (total carat weight).

ALL of the bands that we carry at Camo Rings Direct are designed to be unisex, so, in the end all you have to consider is what you think will look the best!

Quick Tip: If you're having a hard time visualizing band widths, grab a handful of American Nickels (5 cent pieces). 1 nickel is approximately 2mm wide. If you stack them accordingly, you will have a quick and easy way to get a feel for how wide each band is.

2 x Nickels = 4mm

4 x Nickels = 8mm

5 x Nickels = 10mm

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Step Five: Pick your Band DETAILS

Step five is optional, of course, because not all bands need additional details. However, if you believe your ring should have some extra pizzazz, you're in luck.


All of the stones used for our rings are held in either a gold or platinum setting to ensure the strongest hold through even the most demanding task in field or in home. Who says sparkly things are delicate!? Psh. Our bejeweled selection is ready to work -- and play -- as hard as the one who wears it.

We carry the following cuts in various total carat weights (CTW):

Princess Cut stones are square in shape and provide a sleek and modern feel to the overall ring. The perfect blend of bold and sophisticated.

Round Cut stones are circular in shape and provide a classic and timeless feel to the overall ring. The perfect blend of charm and elegance.


How shiny or smooth do you want The Ring to be?

For some, the actual finish doesn't matter all that much. For others, a finish can take a ring from "Great" to "Amazing". You will find several different finishes at Camo Rings Direct including polished, matte, and hammered. The "standard" finish tends to be the smooth and polished band of a classic yellow gold wedding ring.

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