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10 Ways to Add Camo to Your Closet

Posted by Camo Rings Direct on 4/12/2016
Camo Shoes

Camouflage is no longer reserved only for the military, hunting, and 90's hip hop artists. It has been making big waves in the fashion industry over the last couple of seasons, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Celebrity fashion icons such as Heidi Klum, Naomi Watts, Gwen Stefani, and Sarah Jessica Parker have been seen sporting the look, and pulling it off with killer style.

It has expanded out of the army surplus store, and has been used to create high-end looks by world-famous designers. Valentino, Michael Kors, and even Burberry have introduced it into their fashion lines. From shoes, to dresses, to accessories, camo is here to stay.

At Camo Rings Direct, we've collected some of our favorite camo fashion trends to share with you. Whether it's a $850 backpack by Illesteva or a $50 pair of sunglasses by Diesel, you'll soon be finding more and more ways to incorporate camo into your wardrobe.


Camo ShoesLet's start with everyone's favorite fashion accessory - shoes!

Yes, camo on shoes is nothing new. We've all seen the camouflage sneakers and Chuck Taylor high tops. And while we still love these classics, we were stoked to see camo being used in more formal footwear.

Gianvito Rossi's camo pumps are definitely statement makers, and Jerome Rosseau redefined the ankle boot with his unique camo design. If you're feeling a little more casual, but not quite Croc casual, Stella McCartney made a beautiful pair of light blue camo loafers that will work well with almost any dressed down outfit. Bold or understated, your footwear is a great way to sneak some camouflage into your attire.


Camo Scarves

Scarves are the perfect fashion accessory. Simple and versatile, they effortlessly add interest to any outfit. If you want to feature camo a little more boldly in your look, this is a great way to do it. You likely never thought you'd see the words cashmere and camo put together, but 360 made it happen - with an edgy, yet sophisticated look.

Cashmere not your style? San Diego Hat Company's multi-colored acrylic scarf will add a punch of color (and camo) to your outfit. Or, if you're looking to ease a little slower into camo, Vince Camuto's soft black and grey camo scarf will serve you well. With a wide array of styles, colors, and materials, there is a camo scarf suitable for every fashion lover out there.


Camo Clutches

Whether for a formal event, a night of clubbing, or just day-to-day use, every girl needs a dependable clutch. Sure, you're probably not going to take a loud, army green camo print clutch made of canvas to your employer's charity gala, but you'd be surprised at how many camo clutches allow you to be trendy, without being inappropriate.

JNB's abstract camo print is elegant and suitable for occasions requiring a more demure appearance, while Pierre Hardy's and Valentino's takes on camo are a great way to spunk up your dressy look for events where you can be more adventurous with your styling.


Camo SunglassesSUNGLASSES

Who doesn't love fun, fashionable sunglasses? Thanks to designers like Illesteva, Thierry Lasry, and Diesel, you can now shade your eyes in camouflage!

These are fantastic accent pieces, and will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. While that may seem counterintuitive to the original intent of camouflage, we appreciate the irony.

We also appreciate eyewear that's as chic as it is functional. These designers nailed it.   


Camo Phone Cases

Yes, phone cases count as fashion. Most people constantly have their phones out and visible - it's the one thing that is always with you. For as much as cell phones get used, they should be personalized to reflect each person's individual style.

Phone cases to the rescue!

Not only do they protect your phone from damage, they give you yet another opportunity to make a fashion statement. The Triple C camo case is bright and energetic, while the leather case from Maison Takuya featuring digital camo is more sleek, and Ted Barker London's polycarbonate case is as strong as it is swanky.

You may not be able to swap your phone out regularly to match your outfit like you would with a handbag, but you can with your phone case! Lucky for you, camo has many moods.


Camo Backpacks When you hear "camo backpack" you likely imagine a big, bulky, military-style monstrosity, donned by every grunge kid in the 90's. Certainly, that mental image is well justified. Recently, though, some designers have been changing the tides for camouflage backpacks.

They're not just for the kids hanging out under the bleachers listening to Nirvana anymore. From the more affordable camo backpack by Mi-Pac to the more lavish Illesteva and Farfetch designs, camo backpacks are making a comeback in a majorly stylish way.


Camo Dresses

If you're already hip to the camo trend, you've probably heard the frequently repeated rule: no camo head to toe. Well, we disagree. While you probably shouldn't wear bold camo print pants with a dramatic camo shirt and finish it off with camo high tops (unless you're Rihanna), camo can comprise the bulk of your attire if done right.

Soft, abstract camo as done by Pepe Jeans London gives a dress a flirty, feminine appearance. Burberry uses a more traditional camo pattern to create an edgy look, though it's softened by the texture of the silk fabric. Calypo St. Barth even managed to design a bohemian-style dress with camo, proving that camouflage can blend seamlessly into any wardrobe.


Camo Luggage  

When preparing for a trip, it's not just what goes into your suitcase that tells your fashion story. Your luggage makes a powerful fashion statement all on its own, for better or for worse.

Choose better.

Nila Anthony's faux leather camo duffle bag is the perfect carry-on, with a sporty yet gritty look. Tumi's hardside roller uses an offbeat urban camo pattern for those of you more on the artsy side, and Herschel Supply Company's dramatic camo suitcase gives takes a bold and preppy approach to camouflage luggage.

With one of these pieces, never again will you struggle to spot your suitcase on the carousel. Instead, you'll be traveling with luggage that is distinctly you.


Camo Watches

For a subtle introduction of camo into your wardrobe, why not camouflage your timepiece? Watch companies big and small are quickly jumping on the camo bandwagon, and coming out with some great designs.

From the loud, colorful print by Nixon to the gentle camo patterns by Geneva and Apple, watch bands are a fun and affordable way to add camo flair to your look.


Camo Purses

Camo handbags are everywhere. Unfortunately, though, these department store staples are often less than fashionable. Fabulous ones do exist, but you have to know what to look for in order to avoid looking like a pre-teen going through her awkward fashion sense discovery phase.

So, what do you keep an eye out for?

First off, color. Think outside of the traditional camo box, here. Color plays down the camo pattern, and makes the bag more interesting. Valentino's use of pastels is something rarely seen in camouflage, making for a beautiful purse appropriate for even the most formal event.

Second, pay attention to the pattern. Burberry did an excellent job of blending a splotchy camo print in with their own signature design. Bric's combined both techniques, and used the varying shades of blue and silver to create a flowing, eye-catching design.